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Pacific Cable Products

2739 Via Orange Way, suite 118

Spring Valley, CA 91978


Professional Profile

Pacific Cable Products (PCP) consists of a core group of highly experienced satellite and communications technicians, willing and able to travel to resolve customer issues. Founded in 1986 by Joe Herman, PCP’s sole proprietor and lead technician, the company began dealing with satellite communications, primarily with residential TVROs. PCP has evolved into one of the premier satellite and broadcast communications contracting companies in the country with a nationwide network of affiliates to handle customer’s needs.

Currently we deliver a full range of field services for network operators requiring the engineering, development, construction and maintenance of receive-only and receive/transmit terminals/sites, for networks as large as 1200 sites. We design, build and maintain larger, multi-antenna/multi-node systems for network operating centers, internet content, and IP media providers. We build uplink antennas including the pad and conduit. We provide temporary connectivity for special events, i.e. trade shows, sporting events.

Network Services

Standard and custom installation services for network operators, including off-air, satellite antenna and indoor equipment/terminals. Routinely handle concrete work including foundations, concrete and asphalt cutting, roof, tower and mast mounting, engineering, permitting, mount fabrication and system design. Experience operating cranes, man-lifts, and other heavy equipment necessary to perform the more physically challenging jobs.

We provide routine maintenance and restoration services at both broadcast origination/uplink sites as well as all network receive sites/nodes. This can include scheduled annual or semi-annual maintenance services to insure that each site continues to perform to benchmarked performance standards. In addition, PCP provides prompt restoration services after weather or man-made service disruptions.

Our technicians are fully qualified in the use of both coaxial and fiber optic cables; each technician/truck is equipped with fiber working tools and coaxial/fiber to cover most routine requirements. In addition, each truck is equipped with GPS and spectrum analyzers.

Project Management

PCP has been the project manager, equipment supplier and distributor, as well as the primary installation contractor for satellite, terrestrial, broadcast, and streaming media networks. This includes the development and management of specialized equipment inventories, as well as the selection, training, assignment and oversight of specialized technicians and subcontractors throughout the nation.

In recent years, PCP has worked on several special projects. We have project managed and performed the work on the decommissioning of large (8M-13M) antenna systems. This includes the entire dismantling of the structural and electrical components of the antenna including the concrete pad in which it was attached. In some cases, these large systems have been crated and transported to another state, and then reassembled to their original working condition.

Nationwide Network of Technicians

PCP offers a nationwide network of professional contractors that we know are capable of top quality installations and customer service. We pay contract technicians within 30 days of receipt of all completion documentation; thus insuring loyalty and prompt response to the needs of our customers. We finance our own operations; we do not rely on our affiliate to make capital investments on behalf of our customers or PCP.

Territory Coverage and Field Assignments: PCP technicians are used for field assignments in California, Arizona and most of the eastern seaboard of the U.S. Our network of experienced technicians allows us to facilitate fieldwork anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

Skills, Equipment & Other Services: We posses all the necessary vehicles, equipment and skills to complete all aspects of work mentioned above, including the following:

  • Municipal permitting requirements in California; permitting in other jurisdictions can be facilitated by PCP aligned contractors.
  • Laptop Computers & Cell Phones.
  • Spectrum Analyzers.
  • All trucks capable of transporting antennas up to 2.4-meters; other vehicles available as needed.
  • Fully equipped fabrication shop.
  • Facilities to stock and maintain equipment inventories.
  • All technicians have been certified through customer-sponsored training.
  • Staffed and equipped office operation with 24/7 telephone response; billing and travel planning, booking, and ticketing support.
  • All PCP contractors have appropriate levels of liability and commercial auto insurance.
Licenses and Insurance:
State of California Contractor’s License #663358
Commercial Liability Insurance $2,000,000 limit
Worker’s Compensation Insurance
Vehicle insurance $1,000,000 limit
Various municipal business licenses, including City of Los Angeles
Partial List of Certifications
Hughes Network Systems
Tachyon Systems, Inc.
Customer List
Convergent Media Systems, Atlanta
DataPath, Atlanta
Diversified Media, New York
Enliten Management, Atlanta
Globecast, Los Angeles
Raytheon, Los Angeles
Spacenet, McLean


We are recognized for executing projects on time, on spec and on budget. We are particular about the company we keep on both sides of the equation. Our customer relationships typically last several years; some for more than a decade. PCP frequently tailors services to meet specific needs of customers. We do not contract with service brokers. Decades of experience and investment in the telecommunications industry, coupled with the expertise we offer, translate into reliable estimating and pricing.